Monday, July 13, 2020

Space LitRPG Collection

Looking for Space LitRPG? Can’t find a crunchy book with aliens, lasers, space battles? We have plenty! I’m happy to present you our Space LitRPG collection:


The virtual world of Galactogon is humanity’s latest achievement. The game’s space settings attract scores of new players with their promise of everything we could only dream of before: the captain’s place on a starship bridge, the cockpit of an assault shuttle or the controls of an exoskeleton suit. The game caters to all tastes while remaining true to itself: whenever you think it has no secrets left for you to unravel, Galactogon would throw another curve, offering you new quests, new friends and new enemies.


Unbeknown to the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants, humanity has been taking part in a game brought to our planet by a highly developed and powerful Geckho civilization. Participating in it can reap considerable rewards as the technologies learned can positively affect both science and everyday life, advancing them decades. Which is why the participant countries aren’t in a hurry to share their discoveries, preferring to act on their own. The game’s events affect the real world - which is why humanity’s potential defeat might have some disastrous consequences for our planet.


The human race has got access to an ancient alien technology, allowing us to build neural implants which offer gamers unprecedented levels of authenticity. Following their mass implementation, the users’ minds become unable to tell the real world from virtual reality. While promising incredible adventures to their customers, gaming corporations have no idea that the implants’ original purpose was entirely different from what humanity is using them for. The mysterious alien civilization - the Founders - becomes synonymous with a new technological revolution promising to transform the face of planet Earth.

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