Thursday, January 30, 2020

Spiegelwelt: Der Weg des Verstoßenen von Alexey Osadchuk

Spiegelwelt, Buch 3:
Der Weg des Verstoßenen
von Alexey Osadchuk

Veröffentlichung am 25. Juni 2020

Kapitel 1

Warnung! Sie sind nicht eingeloggt!
Möchten Sie sich einloggen?

Die Nachricht leuchtete in ätzendem Rot. Ich fühlte mich, als würde ich gleich den sprichwörtlichen roten Knopf drücken.
Na ja, so weit würde es vielleicht nicht kommen, aber trotzdem. Ich kannte einige Leute, die viel dafür gegeben hätten, Zugang zu Spielerkonten der Spiegelwelt zu erhalten.
Das war ein weiterer, beträchtlicher Nachteil von „Täglicher Grind“-Konten. Das Bronze-Programm erlaubte einem, vom eigenen Computer aus auf seinen Char zuzugreifen, ohne in die Immersionskapsel steigen zu müssen. Auch wenn das einzige in diesem Modus verfügbare Feature das Dashboard des Spielers war, reichte dieses Tatsache schon aus, um sich freudig die Hände zu reiben.
Jetzt konnte ich wenigstens meine E-Mail abrufen und meine Screenshots auf einen Memostick speichern. Meine Mädchen hatten mich immer wieder bestürmt, ihnen Boris und Strolch zu zeigen, aber bisher war ich nie dazu gekommen.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Freebie: The Fairy Code by Kaitlyn Weiss

The Fairy Code: Captive of the Shadows by Kaitlyn Weiss
is now FREE!

It started out like any other day. How was I to know it was my last day on Earth? You see, on that day, my boss sold me to Doran, the King of Shadows, ally of Chaos, and ruler of one of the three faery courts.
Sounds crazy, right? After all, I’m a geneticist, not a slave.
Before I knew it, I was transported to another world - a world where the very landscape killed most humans. Somehow, against the odds, I survived.
But how?
And why was I here?

I soon found out that the faeries were barren and facing extinction.

The King of Shadows set before me the daunting challenge of finding out why. The consequence for failure? Facing an unbearable fate.

But someone or something was out to stop me....

My search for a solution would lead me to secrets about my own origin and to unexpected feelings for this cruel land and its harsh ruler.

Oh, Chaos! What a wild ride!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

World of the Changed, Book 2:

World of the Changed
Book 2: Pearl of the South
by Vasily Mahanenko

Release - February 14, 2020

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Chapter 1

Incoming call from Squirrel Derwin.

“So, it sank in? Great, now listen up. If you behave yourself, I’ll agree to trade your girl for a rainbow pearl. And nobody will get hurt.”
“You don’t need a unicorn, too, do you? The kind with butterflies fluttering around inside it, where they poop out caramels?” I replied angrily. Wart had called back just ten minutes after our first conversation, an eternity stretching out for me in the interim.
“Shut up! If you want your sister back, you’ll bring me a pearl. They had them in the pre-release, so you’ve got to be able to find them here, too. And you have nine days and twenty-three hours. If you make it in time, Squirrel lives. If not, she dies.”
“If she dies, you die,” I said with hatred in my voice, a fist pounding the wall in frustration.
“Oh, I couldn’t care less. Without the pearl, I won’t make it ten days, and I’m not going to die alone. You probably don’t want to know what I’ll do to this juicy little thing before I do, either. Are you picking up what I’m putting down, or do I need to give you a little motivation?”
Squirrel whimpered, Wart having apparently turned toward her.