Monday, March 23, 2020

Rogue Merchant: The Starlight Sword is released!

Rogue Merchant: The Starlight Sword
by Roman Prokofiev

Dear Readers,

We’re relaunching this LitRPG series by Roman Prokofiev - or rather, we’re relaunching Book One. Some of you might have already read its previous version released a while ago by another publisher under the title Cat’s Game (also known as Cat's Quest). The author has completely reworked the book’s first chapters; he’s also already completed Book Two of the series, fully intending to keep the story going. And we fully intend to release the whole series in English.

Rogue Merchant is a classic might-and-magic-style LitRPG series with the elements of manapunk. It’s set in the Sphere of the Worlds: a worldwide multiverse comprised of hundreds of worlds, from horrible Infernos ruled by Demon Lords to mechanical worlds inhabited by sentient constructs, and gigantic markets that have sprouted at the crossroads of trade routes.

Players use astral ships to travel between worlds, otherwise they have to venture into the perilous underground tunnels of the Endless Paths. Dozens of powerful clans share this delicious pie, scheming or waging wars against each other.

The series’ main character is Cat, a wannabe merchant who specializes in procuring in-game valuables to sell them for real money. He is a Free Merchant, which is both his character’s class and his playing style - as well as his preferred problem-solving method. Cat is a cunning trickster who wriggles his way out of trouble thanks to his quick wit and his trading talents. His credo is, “Anyone can be bought provided the price is right”.

Cat starts from scratch, using every opportunity to advance his plans. This book is the story of a common trader’s rise to greatness until he becomes the world’s new legend, the most famous merchant in the entire Sphere of the Worlds.

The series focuses on the economics of a game world, including various trade methods such as regular and auction trading, as well as social and political interactions between clans and players. Plenty of intrigue and espionage, betrayal, trade wars, besieged castles and epic air battles of flying ships - all this has already made the fantastical universe of Rogue Merchant popular with thousands of Russian readers.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy it.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Reality Benders: Aces High by Michael Atamanov

Reality Benders - 6
Aces High
by Michael Atamanov

Release - June 9, 2020

Introduction. Long-Term Plans

Planet Urmi II, ancestral homeworld of the Miyelonian race
Star City, capital of the Union of Miyelonian Prides
Western Shrine of the Great First Female

"All leaders are present, the assembly may commence," the maidservant whispered to her preoccupied mistress and, after she finished combing the magnificent pure white fur of the Great Priestess, gathered her implements and swiftly departed.
Amiru U-Mayaoo, who Miyelonian society believed embodied an incarnation of their Great First Female with her wisdom and flawless feminine beauty, stood unhurriedly from her chair with dignity. She took a long attentive look over the traditional meeting place of Miyelonian rulers as to personally make certain all twenty-seven glowing holograms were in position around the perimeter of the round platform. Yes, all participating rulers were where they should have been.
"Respected pride leaders, I called this assembly to discuss two important topics, which directly pertain to the interests of our Miyelonian race," Amiru U-Mayaoo started her speech with the well composed voice of an experienced orator. "First of all, via official diplomatic channels, I have received a message from the leaders of the Meleyephatians, our enemies in this war. Basically, the message consists of an ultimatum with a healthy dose of threats mixed in. The Meleyephatian Horde is saying that it will cease interstellar expansion in all directions and transfer all its combat starships to the zone of military conflict with the Miyelonian and Geckho races."

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones, book 2

Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones - 2
by Dem Mikhailov

Release - May 29, 2020

Chapter One
The Red Demons. Dark Tidings on a Sunny Day. The Trembling Earth. Angels in a Nosedive.
I’d almost reached Mossy Hills when I saw the battlefield covered in “bodies” straight ahead of me and pulled hard on the reins to stop Sist.
I turned my steed aside, and, having moved some 60 feet away, exhaled with relief. That was a close shave. I stayed in the saddle, examining what had recently been a battlefield, calling myself every name under the sun as I did so.
Noob! Moron! Wide-eyed idiot! How could I possibly have forgotten to take something absolutely essential for a traveler along?
A spyglass!
My kingdom for a spyglass! In Waldyra it was imperative to have one handy.
Alternatively, you could buy the Eagle’s Eye—a relatively inexpensive spell that served the same purpose, but sapped away at your mana. Additionally, observing the terrain through a spyglass (or with the aid of a spell) gave one a specific achievement—you became an Observer. I never cared much about these achievements before. However, now that I had a diamond account, they gave me pretty decent bonuses. There were also many skills that could enhance one’s observational ability tremendously. A player with a well-selected and leveled-up set of skills could see a lot—not quite X-ray eyes, perhaps, but the next best thing, for sure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

World of the Changed-3: Noa in the Flesh by Vasily Mahanenko

World of the Changed, Book 3
Noa in the Flesh
by Vasily Mahanenko

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Release - April 2, 2020

Chapter 1

Everything happened so quickly that nobody had any idea what was going on. Except me, of course. And while some might call what I did betrayal or a dirty trick, for me, it was the only thing to do. If I’d had another chance at a “dirty trick” like that, I would have taken it without a second thought. Earth was for humanity—there was no room on it for aliens. No matter how useful they were.
Closing my eyes, I thought back to everything that had happened, letting myself sink into the experience…
“Not a fan of being pinned to the wall, Mark Derwin?” Green-skinned Villian, head of the Tsarter mercenary group, flashed sharp teeth. The group was the mysterious game owner’s personal guard, the owner being the cause of the problems on Earth that had turned 80% of the population into terrifying monsters. The rest were equally monstrous, just with their wits still about them. But that wasn’t enough—a whole crowd of other players was thrown into the mix, too, players generated by the system itself. And while the natural changed were tasked with surviving, the aliens were just there on Earth to get rich. That included everything from resources to prisoners to game items. Anything they could turn a profit on or use to boost their status in the next release. The Tsarter mercenaries were among the arrivals, and they specialized in taking out over-achieving Earthlings.