Monday, April 27, 2020

Interview with Dan Sugralinov (Level Up, Disgardium, World 99)

Dan Sugralinov, author of Disgardium, Level Up and World 99 series. Due to the upcoming release of Resistance (Disgardium 4 - April 29, 2020) we talked to Dan about the series, his writing methods and asked if there will be Level Up-4 anytime soon. Btw, audiobook Disgardium 3 is releasing April 28, 2020!

The world of Disgardium, isn’t it some sort of totalitarian dystopia? It's a rather harsh world, whatever it is. Do you think it's a logical consequence of humanity’s development?

That’s a good question, you know. Here’s what’s happening in the world right now: all of the countries have announced a stay-at-home order, a quarantine, state of emergency and whatnot. And as soon as it happened, everybody promptly forgot about such things as human rights. Because it’s in humanity’s interests to prevent the entire population from catching the virus, at least all at the same time, because that would mean the collapse of our entire medical system. If some of the forecasts do come true and the planet’s population reaches 20 billion – then even if we find enough food for us all (because there’re already certain advances made in the area of synthetic food production) and despite the fact that the growing and culling of a single cow does more harm to the environment than public transportation – we’ll still be killing our planet. And 20 billion people will be killing it not three times faster than we do now, but probably ten times faster. So it just begs for some people to develop those ideas, you know, that although all human beings are equal, some of them are bound to be more equal than others, if you know what I mean. Sooner or later, the proverbial movers and shakers are obliged to arrive at this idea – provided they haven’t done so already. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I’m a conspiracy freak in a tinfoil hat, so I really don’t think that this is the case – but still I do believe that if one day humanity faces a overpopulation threat, that might call for some very unpopular measures, including the restriction of human rights for certain categories of population. In which case the assignment of such categories might become the biggest bone of contention in society. Which is exactly what happens in Disgardium. You’d think they did the right thing, creating a system where the life of an uneducated, lazy, alcoholic person is of a much lower value to society than, say, that of a Nobel laureate in physics. But on the other hand, we shouldn’t forget the human factor – naturally, the top-category citizens will make sure they get the right to assign the same status and privileges to their families regardless of their value.

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Alchemist by Vasily Mahanenko

The Alchemist by Vasily Mahanenko
Book 1: City of the Dead

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Release - May 20, 2020


The blizzard brought with it driving winds, but Farmer-883-PR8 wasn’t giving up. He pushed on relentlessly toward the temple. With one hand held out to shield his face, in his other he held the dearest of burdens: a rosy-cheeked little boy sleeping peacefully despite the cold, gusting air. The father wasn’t worried about his son’s health—he was under the protection of the god. No snow, wind, or even stray arrows or spells could have hurt the child until it passed its initiation. The few passersby turned and stared, surprised to see the naked man carrying an equally naked child. It was only the snow-white underwear created by the god that covered their shame.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Fairy Code-2 by Kaitly Weiss

The Fairy Code: Chosen of the Shadows
by Kaitlyn Weiss

Release - June 10, 2020

Part One
A Time of Doubts

Chapter One

“I think I’m dying,” I groaned as I watch the greenish glow beneath my skin slowly fade. It’s like my veins were radioactive or something. I had to say, it really was eye-catching. To any onlookers I probably looked like I was wrapped in LED strips. Come to think of it, considering my locale it’s not likely anyone would look twice at me.
“That’s the 10th time you’ve said that. Sorry to disappoint you, but you’re not going to die,” said Aerona, wearily. She and Jioladh sat on one of the dozens of stones that were picturesquely scattered about the valley. And it was his fault we’d been caught out in the open. “It’s a shortcut,” he’d said. Some shortcut. Right away we’d been attacked...yep.
I looked at the creature laid out at my feet. No, I really hadn’t wanted to kill it. I still felt all messed up inside, like there was something dark and slippery in me. I’d held back until the very end, hoping the creature would reconsider and skedaddle. But, no.
But by then I was really scared, and that’s when it happened. Yet another outburst of magic. Again, the dark smoky ribbons. They’d entangled the creature and it was like they instantaneously desiccated it. All that was left was a dark little heap. Not a good look even for a creature that specialized in creepy. In life it looked like a huge canine skeleton with scraps of skin stretched over it lit from within by a fire. And as it bounded toward us, it left a trail of fiery footprints, like a comet. A fiery tail of burning light.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Undedog by Alexey Osadchuk - Spanish translation

Aleksey Osadchuk
Underdog I
Las Mazmorras de las Montañas Torcidas

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Release - 21 de agosto de 2020

Capítulo 1

—Maestro Aren, es un niño…
La cabeza de una de las grandes cuadrillas mineras en Orhus, el maestro Aren, examinó con perplejidad la mirada triste de la curandera que se ocupó del parto. ¿Por qué demonios le comunicaban el nacimiento de su hijo con una expresión tan amarga como esa? Sin embargo, tras unos segundos, empezó a entender. El niño había nacido, pero no se oía ningún llanto.
—¿Está muerto?
Estas palabras no eran fáciles de pronunciar para un hombre que había visto de todo en su vida.
—Está vivo —respondió con tristeza la curandera y, casi en un susurro, añadió—: Pero mejor si se hubiera muerto…
Aren entornó los ojos y dio un paso hacia delante. Si pudiera quemar a la curandera con la mirada, no quedarían ni cenizas. Dalia soportó con calma la mirada furiosa del minero.
—Pero hay buenas noticias. Tu mujer dio a luz de manera magnífica.