Wednesday, November 25, 2020

In the System-2: City of the Undead by Petr Zhgulyov

In the System, Book II

City of the Undead

by Petr Zhgulyov



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Release -  April 12, 2021 




Chapter 1. The Trojan Horse



The victory, oddly enough, now put our Alliance at risk. The huge number of wounded bound us hand and foot. We couldn't leave them, as it would be a terrible blow to morale, and we couldn't drag them along with us. Even if yesterday's city folk agreed to carry all those not long for this world on their backs, it would be pointless. Thus weighed down, it would only be a matter of time before the goblins caught up to us. As soon as the flush of victory subsided, everyone else would become aware of the situation. What would they do? It was a rhetorical question.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Underdog: Labyrinth of Fright by Alexey Osadchuk

Labyrinth of Fright
by Alexey Osadchuk

Release - January 4, 2021

Chapter 1


"Tempting invitation, but I'm gonna pass".

My response made the troll frown.

"You must not have heard when I said you cannot simply leave."

"Look, I don’t doubt that this is a nice place, but I’m gonna have to go anyway."

As I spoke, I was staring pointedly at the gloomy stone parapet and cracked floor of the observation platform.

The Gatekeeper rolled his eyes back with a heavy sigh and said:

"Not gonna happen."

"I thought we had no quarrel."

"That's right," the troll nodded. "And that's the reason you're still alive. Other contenders... ones like you, didn't get so lucky."

"Ones like me?" the Gatekeeper's caveat caught my attention.