Monday, May 18, 2020

Small Unit Tactics by Alexander Romanov

Small Unit Tactics
by Alexander Romanov
Volume #1

Release - August 27, 2020

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I was in a foul mood. Fouler than foul. The void of disbelief and doom clouding my mind darkened my emotions and my entire worldview. Worldview… that's not really the right word in this situation. It's awkward, it's wrong, it doesn't mean anything. The usual definition just doesn't apply here. How can you view the world if you're not even sure what you're seeing is real?

Friday, May 8, 2020

In the System by Petr Zhgulyov

In the System
by Petr Zhgulyov
Book 1: City of Goblins

Release - October 7, 2020
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Everything once created will die someday. Our world is no exception. The heat death of the universe... For most, this fact is too far in the future and too doubtful to worry over. Having accepted one's death, it is much easier to accept the destruction of all and sundry. There were god-like beings, however, who could last until this moment and had no desire to obediently await the inevitable. It seemed that one of them had found a solution. If the problem was that energy gradually disperses in space, would it not be better to gather it all himself? A desire of madness, even for a deity.
The Devourer began a war, consuming star system after star system, waging battles against his own kind and taking their power... Slowly, too slowly. The universe is enormous and most of its inhabitants had no desire to be consumed, and so it came about that everyone took up arms against him. There came a moment when the Devourer realized that he was bound to lose, but he did not admit defeat. Instead, he destroyed himself and created the System. The Great Game, which drew in countless worlds and continued to constantly spread. A Game in which his enemies continued what he had started.
A System that would allow the universe to come to its end, and then, using the energy absorbed over billions of years, create the world anew.


Friday, May 1, 2020

League of Losers by Michael Atamanov

League of Losers
by Michael Atamanov
Book 1: A Cat and His Human

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Release - June 30, 2020

Introduction: An Argument in a Restaurant

“Young man, they’re going to kill you!”
I tore my gaze away from my bloodied fingers, stopped my fruitless attempts to pull out the shard of glass stuck deep into my palm, my dripping red fingernails sliding off it. My eyes lifted. The speaker was a tall and slender man in an old-fashioned dark suit with fancy golden buttons and cufflinks. Weird clothes. For some reason, they made me think of the days of Sherlock Holmes, Queen Victoria, Alice in Wonderland. All the stranger needed to complete the look of a late nineteenth-century English gentleman was a top hat and gold pocket watch. His clothes were entirely unsuited to the weather. Even in my army dress uniform, I was boiling. What was it like for him..?
In the meantime, the odd stranger repeated that phrase of his again, that they were going to kill me. Only this time, he went into detail.