Friday, January 31, 2020

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This post is a library. All titles published by Magic Dome Books that you can read online are gathered here. We'll keep updating the list so there is always something new to read. Release dates, audio release dates - it's all here. Books in German are in the end of the list. If you want to be among the first ones to know about our new releases - subscribe to our newsletter: English books or German books

Numbers in the table show the amount of published chapters (and they also are direct links to texts).

Last updates:  
January 12 - New pre-order - World of the Changed, Book 2: Pearl of the South by Vasily Mahanenko - 4/x. Release - February 14, 2020
January 10 - New release in German - Reality Benders-3: Game Changer by Michael Atamanov - Amazon.
January 9 - New release - Disgardium-3: The Destroying Plague by Dan Sugralinov - Amazon.
Januar 7 - New pre-order in German: Disgardium-2: Apostel der Schlafenden Götter - Release - 28. Mai 2020
January 7 - Captive of the Shadows by Kaitlyn Weiss is free on Amazon - Amazon.
January 7 - New audio release: Galactogon-3: A Check for a Billion - Amazon / Audible
January 6 - New release - World of the Changed-1 - Amazon.
January 3 - New release in German - Disgardium-1: Gefahrenklasse A - Amazon.
December 31 - New audio release: An NPC's Path: Deadman's Retinue by Pavel Kornev - Amazon / Audible
December 23 - New release - Underdog-2: The Wastes by Alexey Osadchuk - Amazon.
December 17 - Opening chapters - Underdog: The Wastes by Alexey Osadchuk - 4/28. Release - December 23, 2019
December 10 - New pre-order - Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones by Dem Mikhailov - 3/x. Release - March 5, 2020
December 9 - New release - Level Up Knockout, book 2 - Amazon.
November 21 - New pre-order - Project Stellar by Roman Prokofiev - 3/x. Release - March 9, 2020
November 19 - New audio release: World 99: Blood of Fate by Dan Sugralinov - Amazon / Audible
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Sunday, January 12, 2020

World of the Changed, Book 2:

World of the Changed
Book 2: Pearl of the South
by Vasily Mahanenko

Release - February 14, 2020

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Chapter 1

Incoming call from Squirrel Derwin.

“So, it sank in? Great, now listen up. If you behave yourself, I’ll agree to trade your girl for a rainbow pearl. And nobody will get hurt.”
“You don’t need a unicorn, too, do you? The kind with butterflies fluttering around inside it, where they poop out caramels?” I replied angrily. Wart had called back just ten minutes after our first conversation, an eternity stretching out for me in the interim.
“Shut up! If you want your sister back, you’ll bring me a pearl. They had them in the pre-release, so you’ve got to be able to find them here, too. And you have nine days and twenty-three hours. If you make it in time, Squirrel lives. If not, she dies.”
“If she dies, you die,” I said with hatred in my voice, a fist pounding the wall in frustration.
“Oh, I couldn’t care less. Without the pearl, I won’t make it ten days, and I’m not going to die alone. You probably don’t want to know what I’ll do to this juicy little thing before I do, either. Are you picking up what I’m putting down, or do I need to give you a little motivation?”
Squirrel whimpered, Wart having apparently turned toward her.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Underdog: The Wastes by Alexey Osadchuk

Underdog, Book 2
The Wastes
by Alexey Osadchuk

Release - December 23, 2019
Pre-order on Amazon -

Chapter 1

“WE GOTTA GET out of here,” I said after staring for a while at the broken shield. “It isn’t safe.”
Jay just nodded in silence. All this time she had been trying to keep no more than one step away from me, as if she was afraid I would just magically evaporate into thin air.
Taking a final look at the blaze, I breathed another heavy sigh. Black embers, smoking partially-collapsed hearths, ash mixed with mud... ugh, this was not at all how I imagined my return to the surface.
Gorgie ran back over to us, having been snooping around nearby.
Old tracks. Female. Younglings,” he told me shortly.
“Did he find something?” she asked with hope in her voice.
“Looks like it,” I answered. “Say, you know what’s over that way?”
Jay looked where I pointed.
“The Yellow Bog.”
“So it’s a swamp...”
“A gods-forsaken place,” Jay said with a shiver.
“Well, Gorgie says the women and children went that way a few days ago,” I told her quizzically.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones by Dem Michailov

Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones
by Dem Michailov

Release - March 5, 2020
Pre-order -

The series is a joint project of Magic Dome Books and 1C-Publishing

Chapter One
Anything to Stay! Your Gaming Session Has Been Terminated Unexpectedly.
The bright flash before my eyes made me squeeze my eyes shut. When I opened my eyelids again, I saw an iridescent vortex spinning slowly. I exhaled, frustrated, and shut my eyes again without waiting for another vertiginous moment of nausea. My bandwidth is way too low. The equipment is rather outdated, too. Hence the long few minutes of waiting for the server to identify me, check the medical sensor data, and apply the matrix.
I waited for another minute before opening my eyes; I was relieved to discover myself staring right at a nondescript gray brick wall. Finally.  I stretched, clenched and unclenched my fists a few times, and shook my head.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Project Stellar by Roman Prokofiev

Project Stellar by Roman Prokofiev
Book 1: The Incarnator

Release - March 9, 2020
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A powerful source of Azure radiation detected
Absorption initiated: 1/1000
Activation No 30765
Incarnation impossible
The host is infected. Regeneration impossible. The energy source is irreparably damaged.
Search for a new host initiated...

Light. That was the first thing I saw. A dull light seeping out of a crack which ran all across the wall, top to bottom. Where was I?
The room was weird. It resembled the inside of a giant egg, its black vaulted ceiling webbed with a complex light-blue pattern. Several tall objects sank deep into the floor below, giving the impression they were alive and rooted to the ground. They were veined with the same light-blue pattern which crept around their bases like shots of ivy.
As soon as I focused on one of the objects, a frame appeared in my field of vision, highlighting it. It was followed by a translucent message box:

Black Sarcophagus
A cryogenic capsule. Origin: an unknown xenotechnology.

Friday, November 15, 2019

World of the Changed: No Mistakes by Vasily Mahanenko

World of the Changed
by Vasily Mahanenko
Book 1: No Mistakes

Release - January 6, 2020

Chapter 1

You discovered a dungeon during the prerelease!
Once the official game version is released, you’ll get a well-earned reward.
And you’ll get an even better reward if you beat the dungeon!

Yeah, bite me, sis! Like I was ever going to be getting you a new phone…you’ll be fine with your old one. Next time you’ll think twice before making a bet with your elders!
“Mark are you screwing around on your phone again? Doesn’t that ever get old? You should try something useful instead of turning your brain to mush,” Chris muttered angrily. Another time, hearing the boss say something like that might have gotten to me, but not right then. He wasn’t mad at me or my phone; it was the trip. The road we were on barely deserved the name. The pavement had ended a couple kilometers back, and it was like the car had suddenly stumbled onto the scene from an old war movie. Dirt, mud, potholes. I could practically hear the shells whistling overhead, the wounded groaning nearby. Sheisse, sheisse, nicht kapitulieren…

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dmitry Bilik - Interview

Dmitry Bilik is currently one of the most popular LitRPG authors in Russia. His Interworld Network  series (5 books) is an absolute bestseller. Amazingly written and fast paced Urban Fantasy/Real-LitRPG with multiple worlds, immersive adventures and well developed characters. 

How did the Time Master come about?

I’ve just been thinking about it recently. And I've come to the conclusion that the Time Master was born eight years ago when I didn’t have a story at all. I had this idea for a fantasy novel with a Gatekeeper as the main character. There’s this order of Gatekeepers who guard various important locations. I jotted the idea down and put it on the backburner. Many years and several other books later, I came up with an urban fantasy idea - because The Time Master is UF first and foremost - about a multitude of worlds inhabited by players. That’s when I remembered the Gatekeepers and decided to combine the two premises. It often happens to me that a certain idea is shelved only to be used at a later date when it turns up just at the right time. The Gatekeepers seemed to be tailor-made for my new concept and basically jump-started the whole thing. The whole book just basically wrote itself. Normally, I struggle with book openings trying to hook the reader. But I breezed through the first three chapters of The Time Master in a few days, and just kept on writing.