Sunday, September 17, 2017

The URANUS Code booktrailer

Citadel World: The URANUS Code
by Kir Lukovkin

Rick was born and raised in the Omicron Commune, protected from the monsters and darkness of the Expanse outside with thick walls. A place with barely enough light to see by, constantly gripped by the cold. The death of the Commune is only a question of time.
Meeting visitors from the Expanse turns Rick's view of the world upside down. It turns out that there are other humans that live outside and fight to survive, while the Commune is but one of many sectors of the Expanse. Rick's new goal becomes saving the Commune from destruction. Worried about the future of his sister, he puts his trust in the outsiders, escaping the Commune to find and restart the mysterious thermal generators, find the key and solve the riddle of the gigantic Thermopolis — a high-tech citadel created by the ancients.

He is now a rebel and a heretic and there's no turning back!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Interview with Andrei Livadny

Andrei Livadny has created several unique worlds, each unlike the previous. He wrote The History of The Galaxy with humanity itself as a protagonist. This sixty-book series creates a history of our future civilization and its contacts with alien races, forming a convincing and logical picture of humanity's development for two millennia from now. The English translation of Blind Punch (Expansion: The History of the Galaxy Book #1) is now available on Amazon. Andrei's recent involvement with the bestselling genre of LitRPG - books set in online roleplaying games - inspired him to create his most intriguing series to date, Phantom Server. Merging virtual reality with hard science fiction and space exploration. 

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Where were you born? What profession did you initially choose?

I was born in the South of Russia but my parents moved to the central part of the country when I was only one year old. I grew up in an area not far from St. Petersburg.
When I returned from conscription in 1989, I had to decide what to do next. Still, those were volatile post-Soviet times when we often had no say in our future plans. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia was plunged into severe chaos when most people didn't know what life would throw at them tomorrow. By then, I was already writing books; I was married to Lana and we'd had our first child. This was the worst possible time to go back to school: my family's survival was at stake. So I took up whatever jobs were available as long as they put food on the table. I'd work days and then I'd write at night.
That continued until 1997 when I signed my first publishing contract. Still I continued working full time. At a certain point, Lana told me that I'd taken on way too much. She said it was time for me to make up my mind about who I really was: was I a writer? Or just a dabbler with a "proper job"?
Her support was incredible. Lana is the woman I love. I don't like the word, "wife". Lana is my muse and my critic, she's my friend and in fact she's the dearest and most precious being I have on planet Earth. It was her who helped me to start viewing writing as my job.

Monday, September 11, 2017

History of the Galaxy booktrailer

Year 2197.
Earth is suffering from the consequences of an environmental catastrophe. Cities the size of continents are drowning in a toxic industrial fog.
Max Bourne is a typical teenager. Like billions of other people, he is forced to live in the protective shell of the individual life support module. His habitat is the virtual Layer. But one day, circumstances force the young man to leave the in-mode. He has no idea that fate will lead him through unimaginable hardships, bring him face to face with military AIs, and teach him to survive in the distant Outlands. He will come to understand that the sum of all technologies, possessed by the four leading corporations of Earth, can either open the way to the stars or destroy human civilization.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mirror World - 4: The Twilight Obelisk

The Twilight Obelisk
by Alexey Osadchuk

release - December 4, 2017

Chapter One

It's quarter past four in the morning. The dawn is nearing. The snowstorm has died down; the stars twinkle yellow in the distant sky.
"Would be nice to have some sunshine for a change?" I ask Prankster.
My pet is curled up at my feet, sniffing in his sleep. His ear twitches, betraying his eavesdropping. I already unsummoned Boris but let this lazy SOB to lounge around for a bit.
"I could use some peace," I tell him. "At least for a few days. Let's hope Laosh and his gang get here soon."
We have set up camp by the collapsed wall of the very same house where we met the Nocteans' attack. The crackling of the fire sounds so soothing. My hands reach out toward its warmth. Heaven!
I need to add some wood to the fire. The others need to get warm. The Caltean warriors are fast asleep. The city ruins reverberate from their heroic snoring.
Seet and Horm are making a remarkable recovery. No wonder: this new legendary order we've received does indeed work miracles.
The Grace of the Earth, what a strange name. Its effects are even stranger. It gives +25% to my group's regeneration times. By regeneration, however, the system means both Life and Energy. Excellent, what can I say? Just when we needed it, too.