Monday, March 20, 2023

Bibliothek Deutscher Bücher

Dieser Beitrag ist eine Bibliothek. Alle unsere Bücher aud Deutsch sind hier aufgelistet. Bücher auf ENGLISCH werden jetzt in einen anderen Posten verschoben. Wir werden es ständig aktualisieren, damit es immer etwas Neues zu lesen gibt. Erscheinungsdaten, Veröffentlichungstermine für Hörbücher - es ist alles hier. Abonniere unseren Newsletter: English books or German books.

Die Zahlen in der Tabelle zeigen die Anzahl der veröffentlichten Kapitel (und sie sind auch direkte Links zu Texten).

Letzte Aktualisierungen:  
29. Mai - Urlaub in Pakyrion-1: Der Fluch der Zeit von Astrid Wolpers und Steffen Kempf ist erschienen
25. Mai - Phantom-Server-2: Der Gesetzlose von Andrei Livadny - Hörbuch ist erschienen
18. Mai - Clan der Bären-4: Der Bärenzauberer von Vasily Mahanenko ist erschienen
12. Mai - Awaken Online-1: Katharsis von Travis Bagwell - Hörbuch ist erschienen
8. Mai - Der Krähen-Zyklus-2 von Dem Mikhailov ist erschienen
5. Mai - Sperrgebiet-1 von Yuri Ulengov - Hörbuch ist erschienen
4. Mai - Spiegelwelt-3 von Alexey Osadchuk - Hörbuch ist erschienen
1. Mai - Herrschaft der Clans - Die Rastlosen-7 von Dem Mikhailov - ist erschienen
30. April - Die Allianz der Pechvögel-1: Eine Katze und ihr Mensch von Michael Atamanov - Hörbuch ist erschienen
26. April - Spiegelwelt-5: Der Gründer von Alexey Osadchuk ist erschienen
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Magic Dome Books library

In this post we list all our books in ENGLISH. GERMAN (DEUTSCHE) books are now moved to different post. We'll keep updating it so there is always something new to read. Release dates, audio release dates - it's all here. If you want to be among the first ones to know about our new releases - subscribe to our newsletter: English books or German books.

Numbers in the table show the amount of published chapters (and they also are direct links to texts).

Last updates:  
May 23 - Reality Benders-9 by Michael Atamanov - audiobook is released
May 17 - Disgardium-12: Unity by Dan Sugralinov is released
May 16 - Two new audios: Nullform-5 by Dem Mikhailov and Rogue Merchant-1 by Roman Prokofiev
May 10 - A Student Wants to Live-3: Sangis by Boris Romanovsky is released
May 9 - Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-7 by Dem Mikhailov - audiobook is released
April 25 - A Student Wants to Live-1 by Boris Romanovsky - audiobook is released
April 14 - The Range-6: The Final Countdown by Yuri Ulengov is released
April 11 - Loner-3: Union of the Damned by Alex Kosh - audiobook is released
April 7 - Rorkh-4 by Vova Bo is released
April 4 - New Progression Fantasy series by Vasily Mahanenko: Lord Valevsky: Last of the Line-1 is released
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Using MidJourney to generate monsters’ images for use in books. Prompts and post processing.

The Generating of Rats


Using MidJourney to generate monsters’ images for use in books. Prompts and post processing.






Hi everyone,


A while ago, I decided to try using AI art generators to create monsters for my RealRPG series In the System.

To illustrate it, I’d like to show you how I came up with the images of rats - especially because considerable parts of books 4 and 5 are set in the Dungeon which is their natural habitat. I used MidJourney’s $60 subscription plan which guarantees certain usage rights, including commercial use.


My books have this concept of Evolution similar to that of Pokémons - but unlike theirs, it doesn’t occur instantly. My rats have to live and hunt in order to accumulate experience until they can evolve into new stronger animals. For that reason, I had to come up with low-level rock rats (F-rank), rat wolves (E-rank), rat kings and queens (D-rank) and finally, the Rat Emperor or Empress (C-rank). So I basically needed 4 images in total, which sounded like an easy task (spoiler: I ended up with 7). Especially seeing as I’d already dabbled in generating three different types of monkeys, and everything had gone quite smoothly then. This time, however, I must have underestimated the challenge I was facing.