Tuesday, June 30, 2020

League of Losers: A Cat and His Human is released!

League of Losers
A Cat and His Human
by Michael Atamanov

Today I give you A Cat and His Human, the first book of my new series League of Losers.
This is an unusual book for me: there are no space ships and battles, no heavy blasters and orbital bombing. But there’s a new world to inhabit – dangerous terra incognita which is a little bit like good old Earth in dinosaur times. There’re settlers coming to this world with their own destinies, not necessarily humans. And there’s the MC or – to be fair – even two MCs. The second one: small, with a tiny tail, sharp-clawed paws and fluffy ears – will, without a doubt, warm the hearts of the readers. And though the big fellow looks at the kitten as a pet, it’s not obvious who’s really in charge. The cat looks at what’s happening with them from his own perspective and his opinion of the big fellow and his behavior is far from being approving or admiring. The story is told from two points of view, so the reader can look at it from different angles and get the whole picture.
This new world is a severe place, and the big fellow won’t make it without the kitten. Besides there are no unified rules here, no laws and dogmas, everyone can become anything. And it’s not just words, you can literally become anything. Wanna grow wings or gills so you can breathe underwater? Get imperceptible or vice versa – find the invisible? Use magic or regenerate limbs lost in battles? You can do all those things in this world of many opportunities if you have enough mutation points, characteristics and skills for it.
Love and betrayal, new races humankind never encountered with before, exploration of new lands, countless dangers and monsters. That’s what awaits the reader of my new novel. Read and enjoy!

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