Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Time Master is released!

Interworld Network
The Time Master
by Dmitry Bilik

Have you ever said something only to regret it later? Did you ever break your Mom's favorite mug? Or graze your boss' car in the parking lot, only to be stripped of a bonus later? All of us have those moments when we wish we could rewind time. We'd have done everything differently then!
Sergei is no exception. With only one difference: he is lucky enough to have received the Time Master development branch. So yes, he can now rewind time, albeit a few seconds at a time, allowing him to rectify his mistakes and defeat much stronger opponents. In addition, Sergei gains access to a great multitude of worlds governed by magic. And he also lays his hands on a Divine Avatar which might open up new paths to even more amazing abilities.
Still, everything has its price. Very soon Sergei will have to confront freeloaders who are scheming to steal his new abilities from him. Will he have enough time to face them fully prepared? Are all of his friends worthy of his trust?

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