Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mirror World, Book 3 - gif-trailer

Mirror World: The Way of the Outcast

From Amazon reviews to the series:

"Absolutely give this book a try no matter if your new to the genre or a seasoned veteran it is absolutely worth it."

"With all the great LitRPG coming out of Russia, I might need to look into learning the language."

"Good enough to make you wish the next one was available NOW!!!"

"With a library of literally tens of thousands of books, I am not easily impressed. This book did."

Book 1: Project Daily Grind - Kindle - audio
Book 2: The Citadel - Kindle - audio
Book 3: The Way of the Outcast - Kindle - paperback

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  1. any idea if the rest of the series will be released on audible?