Thursday, July 14, 2016

Perimeter Defense: Sector Eight - discount

Readers about Sector Eight:

"Careful! Reading this book will make you want more!"

"Fans of the lost fleet, old mans war, enders game and mass effect will be pleased."

"The mark of a great book is the characters resonate and come alive in your mind from the pages in a seamless transition. Atamanov succeeds."

"For those who are looking for fun space opera, this one is right on the mark."

"I have played several games where faction is important, such as Asheron's Call. I like how that aspect is inserted in the story."

"The plot is smart, complex, but at the same time, easy to follow. This is exceedingly difficult, but this author pulls it off like an experienced professional."

"The main character was entertaining, and some of the challenges he faced were quite unique - suddenly finding himself in a much older body, coping with a addiction to a drug he's even heard of, thrust into political situations he knows nothing about, ordering a robot secretary by mistake."

Perimeter Defense: Sector Eight by Michael Atamanov for 0.99$

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