Thursday, October 20, 2016

Moskau, quote - 1

True, Japanese nationals don't have it easy here. They're run off their feet trying to Japonize the Russian Far East - but to no avail. Things don't change. Shigemitsu Ivanovich still beats the holy crap out of Dzimmei Petrovich over the former's wife - the well-respected tea mistress Kumiko Sergeevna - who has been wearing a rather revealing kimono lately so that the latter just couldn't help himself and dipped a stealthy hand under the provocative silk. No bowing, no apologies, no poems describing the remorse eating through the black heart of the bastard Dzimmei.

The rising sun has set.
The three drunk samurai
Bow to their sake barrel.

This was the hokku that the Shichō wrote with his own blood after he'd sliced his belly with a katana.

Moskau by G. Zotov, release October 20 -

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