Friday, April 27, 2018

Reality Benders - 2: External Threat by Michael Atamanov

Reality Benders, book II
External Threat

by Michael Atamanov

Release - July 23, 2018

Introduction. Through enemy eyes

Pa-lin-thu, capital of the First Directory
Palace of the ruling council
Small meeting hall

In an austere ceremonial black toga free of any regalia or adornments, Thumor-Anhu La-Fin strode with dignity up an illuminated path to a podium. From the corner of his eye, the old man glimpsed rows of cold glowing eyes in the silent gloomy room. The ruling Mage didn’t even need his psionic abilities to sense the tension in the room or realize how eagerly these lower-rank rulers would devour him if he made an error or demonstrated any hint of weakness or timidity. All these mages feared and respected only one thing: power. So, as Coruler Thumor-Anhu La-Fin walked through the room, he couldn’t allow even a single muscle on his majestic and proud face to twitch.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Reality Benders GIF trailer

Reality Benders by Michael Atamanov
Book 1: Countdown is released!

At long last, an extraterrestrial civilization reached out and made the First Contact. However, no one on Earth took their communique for the genuine article. In a similar vein, very few people appreciated just how little time our new suzerains had promised to keep our planet safe. Regardless, the end of their message showed humankind how to access a mysterious game. The objective of this game is unclear. No one can say where its servers are located, and its inner workings are beyond comprehension. But the game slowly gained momentum, pulling in more and more players. Soon enough, it became impossible to ignore the fact that things that happened in the game had a direct impact on our reality. And not only ours...

But as people figure out this mysterious game, the countdown timer ticks away. And no one can say exactly what will happen when Earth’s safety is no longer guaranteed.

Audio book - June 19, 2018 (Tantor Media)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Level Up: Restart by Dan Sugralinov

Level Up
by Dan Sugralinov

Release - July 10, 2018 

Chapter One

 The Morning It All Started

Please, there's gotta be something else I can do. Like mow your lawn every week for two weeks? I can't do it next week.

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

AT FIRST, the game had become my life. And later, life itself had become a game.
I’d failed at life. By my thirty-plus I had a wife, a string of one-off freelance gigs, a state-of-the-art computer, a level 110 rogue character in a popular RPG game and a beer gut.
I also wrote books. A book, rather. I hadn’t finished it yet.
Before, I used to feel flattered whenever someone called me a writer. But over the years, I’d finally forced myself to face the uncomfortable truth: I wasn’t a writer at all. The only reason they called me so was because I had no other social tag to describe me by.
So who was I, then? A failed albeit once-promising sales rep who’d been fired from a dozen workplaces? Big deal. These days, everyone and their dog called themselves online marketing gurus.
Me, I couldn’t sell anything. In order to promote a product, I had to believe in it. I just couldn’t do it knowing the customer had no more need for it than for a garbage can.

Sunday, April 1, 2018