Friday, December 30, 2016

The Dark Herbalist - GIF-trailer

Dark Herbalist: Video Game Plotline Tester
by Michael Atamanov

Would you be prepared to work for free? How would you like to bust your hump for a large corporation 60-plus hours a week without a wage or a single day off for the vague promise of some mysterious perks in the distant future? You'd refuse point blank, wouldn't you? But what if the job in question was playing a state-of-the-art fantasy MMORPG game? And what if this was the only thing you're really good at? Especially considering that your in-game partner is someone really special to you - and this person already lives a virtual life? Knowing all this, would you consider the mysterious future bonus worth your while? I dare you to try it!

A considerable part of the book is published in our blog.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Sublime Electricity, Book 2: The Heartless

The Sublime Electricity, Book 2: The Heartless
by Pavel Kornev

Release: February 28, 2017
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The Sublime Electricity, Book 1: The Illustrious (Kindle - KU)


Once, this world was dominated by the fallen, but humanity cast off their tyrannical rule and created a mighty Empire with colonies spread out across the globe. The power of the metropolis is stronger than ever before, but its past is dark and its future cloudy. Old secrets are capable of destroying in one moment what took years to create. After all, nothing can save it from treason, not armadas of battleships nor bomb-laden dirigibles.
The key to one such secret, by happenstance and inheritance, has fallen into the hands of Leopold Orso, a former police investigator who now works as a private detective. His illustrious talent allows him to bring other people's fears to life, but it also does not help him extricate himself from the web of another's scheming. Defeat threatens to result in imminent death. Victory beckons with the ghost of a chance to escape with his life. His soul is plagued by painstakingly forgotten memories. And to think that all Leopold ever wanted was to get an inheritance that was his by birthright.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mirror World, Book 3 - gif-trailer

Mirror World: The Way of the Outcast

From Amazon reviews to the series:

"Absolutely give this book a try no matter if your new to the genre or a seasoned veteran it is absolutely worth it."

"With all the great LitRPG coming out of Russia, I might need to look into learning the language."

"Good enough to make you wish the next one was available NOW!!!"

"With a library of literally tens of thousands of books, I am not easily impressed. This book did."

Book 1: Project Daily Grind - Kindle - audio
Book 2: The Citadel - Kindle - audio
Book 3: The Way of the Outcast - Kindle - paperback

We publish new chapters of the upcoming book every day! Read it here.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Neuro - new LitRPG/Fantasy series by A. Livadny

Neuro, Book 1: The Crystal Sphere
by Andrei Livadny

Release - March 10, 2017
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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Cyberspace feeds on human emotion.
(From the first Neuro's diary)

Chapter One

A THUNDERSTORM raged over the metropolis.
The thin strip of electrostatic car wipers was struggling under the torrents of rain pelting the windshield.
My ancient Rover held the road well. The squat outlines of deserted neighborhoods whizzed past. The disabled autopilot flashed an anxious red light on the dashboard.
I loved it. The road softly flew past. It was already dark. Flashes of lightning illuminated the urbanscape. Earlier that day, the city had been melting in its own heat, making the expected evening weather change all the more welcome.
Gradually, the tension began to release me. The stuffy office, the bullying boss, even the realization of the fact that my own life was flashing uselessly past didn't feel as oppressive any longer. Another couple of miles, and everything would be different.
I touched the communicator to activate it and sent a voice message,
"Hi Christa, I'll be online in about twenty minutes. Don't be late. We have an instance to do, remember?"
A bolt of lightning raked at the unfinished power substation building, digging into its latticework pylons and exploding in cascades of sparks. It looked both beautiful and spooky.

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