Friday, May 31, 2019

Magic Dome Books library

This post is a library. All titles published by Magic Dome Books that you can read online are gathered here. We tried to make it useful for people with different reading preferences. For example, RoyalRoadL - white font on black screen with spaces between paragraphs, Wattpad - for those who read on tablets etc. We'll keep updating the list so there is always something new to read.

Numbers in the table are showing the amount of published chapters (and they also are direct links to the text). Updated links are marked red

Last updates:  
May 22 - New audio release dates: Galactogon, Book 2 is going to be released July 2, 2019 and Reality Benders, Book 4 - July 16, 2019
May 8 - New book in German - Level Up: Knockout - 4/x. Release - August 1, 2019
April 30 - New audio release: Level Up +3: The Final Trial - Amazon or Audible.
April 22 - New release: Disgardium, book 1 by Dan Sugralinov, both - Kindle and Audio.
April 16 - New audio release: The Dark Herbalist-4: Finding a Body - Amazon or Audible.
March 29 - New audio release: The Bard from Barliona 2 - Amazon or Audible.
March 26 - New book - The Dark Herbalist-3 (In German) - 3/x. Release - June 24, 2019
March 26 - New audio release: Level Up +2: The Hero - Amazon or Audible.
March 25 - New release: Level Up +3: The Final Trial - Amazon.
March 25 - New release: Level Up +1: Re-Start (In German) - Amazon.
March 23 - New book - Disgardium-2 - 6/x. Release - June 10, 2019
March 23 - New book - Mirror World-1 (In German) - 4/x. Release - June 21, 2019
March 22 - New book - Reality Benders-4: Web of Worlds - 3/x. Release - May 20, 2019
March 15 - New Chapters: Adam Online - 1 - 15/41 (+8 new!)
January 8 - New book - Galactogon 2: In Search of the Uldans - 3/x. Release - April 25, 2019
January 7 - New book in German - Reality Benders 1: Countdown - 3/x. Release - May 6, 2019
January 31 - New books in German - An NPCs Path, B1 (release - April 25) - 5/x. Level Up, B1 (release - March 25) - 4/x
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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Vasily Mahanenko: Shaman is the worst cheater of 'em all

Simon Vale talked to Vasily Mahanenko about writing LitRPG, being a literary agent, getting back to Barliona (with his new series - a direct continuation of The Way of the Shaman) and Galactogon 3. 

Have you read anything interesting just lately?

Recently, I organized two literary contests: a fantasy and a LitRPG, so now I'm busy reading the works sent in for the former. There was a very strong manuscript among them, amazingly so. I think it's going to win. It's a powerful work at the same level as Abercrombie. It does drag out a bit, but I've already contacted the author and he agreed that the book requires some editing in order to pick up the pacing. He's already busy with this, so I hope that very soon we might have a translation-ready manuscript. The moment I started reading it, I realized that all my efforts organizing the contest hadn't been for nothing. I'd never have found this manuscript otherwise. It just doesn't show up in online fiction rankings.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Level Up: Knockout von Dan Sugralinov & Max Lagno

Level Up: Knockout
von Dan Sugralinov und Max Lagno

Veröffentlichung am 1. August 2019

Kapitel 1. Die Halluzination

„Früher war ich auch ein Abenteurer, aber dann habe ich einen Pfeil ins Knie bekommen.“


OBWOHL Mike Björnstad Hagen zum Teil skandinavischer Abstammung war, besaß er so viel Ähnlichkeit mit einem Wikinger wie ein Chihuahua mit einer Dänischen Dogge. Er hatte eine Reihe von Spitznamen wie „Heulsuse Mikey“, „Micker-Mikey“, „Mikey, das Weichei“ oder sogar „Hey, du Schwanzlutscher!“ Niemand hatte ihn jemals „Mr. Hagen“ genannt.
Das einzige Mal, dass das beinahe passiert wäre, war bei einem Termin in seiner Bank, als Hagen versuchte, einen Hypothekenkredit aufzunehmen. „Tut mir so leid, Mr. Hagen, aber Ihr Kreditantrag ist abgelehnt worden“, sagte der Mann hinter dem Tresen, ohne auch nur zu versuchen, sich sein selbstgefälliges Grinsen zu verkneifen.
Mike hätte ihm mit Vergnügen die Fresse poliert, wenn er nur gewusst hätte, wie man kämpft.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Interworld Network: The Time Master by Dmitry Bilik

Interworld Network, Book 1
The Time Master
by Dmitry Bilik

Release - July 18, 2019

Chapter 1

My least favorite things in the world were chicken liver, heartburn, and helping people. No, my parents hadn’t spawned a scoundrel. Its just that Id rather help someone because I want to, not because Im pressured to.
Sergei, hes probably gone to the foundation pit,” my neighbors words added boiling oil to the cup of my already-heated patience.
Masha was only three years older than me, but somehow I ended up addressing her like I was a kid and she was an adult, while she graciously talked to me as though we were equals. On top of that, at age 28 she had two kids, a docile husband, and her own apartment, no matter that it was off the beaten path. In contrast, besides nine pairs of oddly colored socks, I owned nothing in particular.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Disgardium by Dan Sugralinov

Disgardium, book 1
Class-A Threat
by Dan Sugralinov

Wait up! What do you mean, your character’s been cursed? Rotting alive? You’re joking, right? Having said that… could this be the proverbial once-in-a-lifetime chance? Oh… And now that the game’s AI has reclassified me as a potential global threat, it can only mean one thing: we’re not finished yet!

The year is 2074. Alex is a fifteen-year-old student dreaming of a career as a space guide. He  eats, sleeps and breathes stars - but life has other plans. That’s how Disgardium, a new online game, becomes his only means of reaching his goal.

Alex is lucky enough to achieve what amounts to God mode complete with absolute immunity – but that’s only one side of the coin. As an imba player, he becomes a “global threat” - one of the few fellow wayward players whom the game company views as a danger to itself, paying a lot of money to the so-called prevention clans for their elimination.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nächstes Level: Held von Dan Sugralinov

Nächstes Level Buch 2
von Dan Sugralinov

Vorbestellung: Amazon
Veröffentlichung am 4. Juni 2019


Was für ein schrecklicher Traum! Überall Einsen und Nullen … Und ich dachte, ich sähe eine Zwei …


„OKAY, ICH WERDE es anders formulieren. Wie hast du sie umgebracht?“
„Da war dieser kleine Junge … er ist erstickt. Es ist einfach passiert! Und dann war da ein Mädchen … sie ist ebenfalls gestorben … verblutet …“
Der Knall eines Pistolenschusses macht mich beinahe taub. Die Kugel wirft den korrupten Regierungsbeamten zu Boden. In meinen Ohren summt es laut. Nur schwach höre ich Vickys Fluchen. Sie wirft die Pistole von sich.
„Mistkerl, Mistkerl, Mistkerl! Oh, wie ich sie alle hasse!“
Gleb Grechkin, eine bekannte Gestalt in der Kulturabteilung des Rathauses, windet sich auf dem Boden. Offensichtlich hat er es nicht sehr eilig abzukratzen. Seine Wunde ist nicht lebensgefährlich und seine Vitalität befindet sich noch immer im grünen Bereich, obwohl der Debuff durch die Blutung ihre Wirkung entfaltet und den Kinderschänder seiner Gesundheit beraubt.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Adam Online: City of Freedom by Max Lagno

Adam Online - 2
City of Freedom
by Max Lagno

Release - June 20, 2019
Pre-order on Amazon -

In order to gain access to Adam Online's closed locations, Leonarm needs to max out his level pretty quick. Help comes from the most unexpected quarter: a human/NPC hybrid who has access to all of the game's items and is privy to its deepest secrets.

But Leonard is not alone in this race. The rumors of new locations packed to the brim with epic loot begin to spread among ordinary players. The only known transition point to the new map is being controlled by the Black Wave guild  - the very players who killed Leonarm with a mysterious weapon at the very start of the game. The guild now blocks every attempt to get to the new worlds.

This leads to the greatest clan war in the history of Adam Online: a single guild against all the other clans and players. And they won't hesitate to employ their mysterious weapon, the most destructive force in the entire game world.
Chapter 1. White Spots
I walked along a broad street in Liberty City, guided by a map on my tablet. I saw a multitude of NPCs and players along the way. Most of them were humans, supers and androids. Liberty City was their city. Mechanodestructors didn’t feel at home there. They had their own world in Rim One, the capital of which was the city Mechatron; an imposing conglomeration of highly advanced structures designed specially to support mechanicals.
I didn’t know what bizoids did in Liberty City. I knew little about the race — in my day, few would have thought of becoming such a strange, inhuman creature.