Thursday, January 31, 2019

Magic Dome Books library

This post is a library. All titles published by Magic Dome Books that you can read online are gathered here. We tried to make it useful for people with different reading preferences. For example, RoyalRoadL - white font on black screen with spaces between paragraphs, Wattpad - for those who read on tablets etc. We'll keep updating the list so there is always something new to read.

Numbers in the table are showing the amount of published chapters (and they also are direct links to the text). Updated links are marked red

Last updates:  
January 14 - New series - Adam Online: Absolute Zero - 7/x.
January 9 - New release - Level Up: The Knockout - Amazon.
January 5 - New book - Level Up +3: The Final Trial - 1/x.
December 27 - New release: The Dark Herbalist 4: Finding a Body - Amazon.
December 26 - New release: El Diablo by G. Zotov - Amazon.
December 11 - New book is German - The Dark Herbalist 2 - 3/18. Release - March 10, 2019
December 10 - New release - Level Up +2: Hero by Dan Sugralinov - Amazon.
December 3 - New audio release date: Level Up +2: Hero audiobook will be on March 26, 2019
December 2 - New Chapters: The Knockout - 2 - 6/x (+2 new!)
November 28 - New Chapters: Level Up, B2 - 4/21 (+3 new!)
November 26 - New audio release: An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue - Amazon
November 20 - New audio release: Reality Benders - 3: Game Changer - Amazon
November 15 - New book: The Dark Herbalist - 4 - 3/x.
November 13 - New audio release: Level Up +1: Re-Start - Amazon
November 9 - New Chapters: The Bard from Barliona - 2 - 5/17 (+2 new!)
October 30 - New audio books: An NPC's Path - 1 and The Bard from Barliona - 1
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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Respawn Trials: Edge of the Abyss by Andrei Livadny

Respawn Trials, Book I:
Edge of the Abyss
by Andrei Livadny

Release - April 10, 2019

The Legend of the Guardians states: One who is pure of heart and desperately needs help, will always receive it.

 Chapter 1

The unexpected phone call came late in the evening. I was still awake and answered at once. "Hey. What's going on?"
My nephew and I got along pretty well, although he hadn't called or visited as often over the last few years. He'd all grown up. He had his own life now.
He said hello and then proceeded to breathe heavily into the phone without even asking after my health.
"Denis, why don't you get to the point?" 
"I need your help."
"Tell me," I said as I limped over to the window. The street was obscured by an autumn drizzle. The edge of the metropolis had crept right up to the village and the low clouds were snagging on the tips of the rising skyscrapers. The old house that I had inherited from my parents would soon be slated for demolition, and there was nothing I could do about it.
"I've been invited to join an expedition. For three months. Somebody needs to keep an eye on the apartment... I've also found a side job, you see, a pretty good one. I don't want to lose it."
"Any more details? Where's the expedition heading to? What kind of job? Of course, it's no trouble for me to water the plants and feed the cat."
"I don't have a cat, you know that! The work's simple, from home. Nothing heavy. You'll fix your health up, too."

Monday, January 14, 2019

Adam Online: Absolute Zero by Max Lagno

Adam Online: Absolute Zero 
by Max Lagno

Release March 18, 2019

Chapter 1. Death and Oblivion

A red message appeared on the projection screen:

Radiological hazard. K-coefficient — 20%%%%%
Assessing radiological environment...

At that the system froze, displaying a spinning wheel. Either the readings were too complex, or the on-board computer had failed.
My traveling companion put aside the tablet on which he had been watching idiotic stand-up shows for the flight. For a whole hour and a half, I'd been forced to listen to loud cackling and jokes in Tatar, Russian and Chinese. They were just as bad in every language. It even began to annoy me that the cabin's soundproofing shielded us from the sound of the rotors. Their rumbling would have been better than those attempts at humor.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Final Trial (Level Up +3) by Dan Sugralinov

Level Up +3
The Final Trial
by Dan Sugralinov

Release - March 25, 2019


Hearing's the first thing to go. Or is it memory, I always forget.

My name is Philip Panfilov. I'm 32 years old, but I’ve really only felt alive for the last three months. Before that, I just bobbed about like a turd in a fishing hole: I ate, drank, played the most massive online game that existed at the time, and was even married. I picked up cash working as a freelancer. I wrote a blog and was writing a book. And I drank beer— lots of beer, almost every night.
By the time I was married for four years, I'd gained so much weight from the drinking that I couldn’t tie my shoes and the mirror disease had reached a critical point. That’s when my wife Yanna decided she’d had enough, and she up and left me.
That same day I started seeing the world differently.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hart am Wind von Michael Atamanov

Kräutersammler der Finsternis Buch 2
Hart am Wind
von Michael Atamanov

Vorbestellung: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo
Veröffentlichung am 10. März 2019

1. Der Schluss einer langen Geschichte

„GIB ES ZU, AMRA. Die lange Suche ist umsonst gewesen. Es gibt keine Spur von ihnen!”, sagte die zarte Waldnymphe. In ihrem dünnen Kleid saß sie auf dem Stamm eines umgestürzten Baums und gähnte herzhaft, sodass ihre scharfen, raubtierhaften Zähne sichtbar wurden.
Meine Schwester hatte die ganze Nacht kein Auge zugetan und war offensichtlich völlig übermüdet. Und der Grund, warum sie in dieser Herrgottsfrühe wach war, waren nicht das Licht oder die Morgendämmerung, sondern ich. Valeria hatte ihre Missbilligung deutlich zum Ausdruck gebracht und sich für einige Zeit geweigert, ins Spiel zu kommen, doch die Gefahr, dass einige der vielen Mörder, die hinter mir her waren, beim Verfluchten Haus auftauchen könnten, war sehr real, darum hatte Val sich schließlich entschuldigt und eingewilligt, mit dem Rest unserer Gruppe weiterzuspielen.