Friday, August 31, 2018

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This post is a library. All titles published by Magic Dome Books that you can read online are gathered here. We tried to make it useful for people with different reading preferences. For example, RoyalRoadL - white font on black screen with spaces between paragraphs, Wattpad - for those who read on tablets etc. We'll keep updating the list so there is always something new to read.

Numbers in the table are showing the amount of published chapters (and they also are direct links to the text). Updated links are marked red

Last updates:  
August 20 - New audio release date: Level Up +1: Restart by D. Sugralinov audio book will be released - Nov 13, 2018
August 14 - German language: The Dark Herbalist, B1: Video Game Plotline Tester - 3/x
August 14 - New book: History of the Galaxy, B3: Servobattalion - 2/x.
August 13 - German language: The Dark Herbalist, B1: Video Game Plotline Tester - 2/16.
August 4 - New book: Reality Benders, B3: Game Changer - 5/x.
July 23 - New release: Reality Benders, B2: External Threat - Amazon.
July 16 - New Chapters: Reality Benders, B2 - 8/29 (+2 new!)
July 10 - New book: An NPC's Path, B2: Kingdom of the Dead - 2/x.
July 10 - New release: Level Up, B1: Restart by Dan Sugralinov - Amazon.
June 19 - New audio release: Reality Benders, B1: Countdown - Amazon.
June 12 - New audio release: History of the Galaxy, B2: The Shadow of Earth - Amazon.
June 7 - New Chapters: Level Up, B1 - 10/30 (+6 new!)
May 30 - New release: An NPC's Path, B1: The Dead Rogue by Pavel Kornev - Amazon.
May 24 - New release: AlterGame, B3: God Mode by A. Novak - Amazon.
May 22 - New audio releases: The Way of the Shaman, B7: Clans War. The Sublime Electricity, B4: The Dormant
May 8 - New audio release: Dark Paladin, B3: Restart - Amazon.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

History of the Galaxy - 3: Servobattalion

History of the Galaxy, Book 3
by Andrei Livadny

Release - October 22

Didn't read the series? Start with Book 1


22 August 2627 Earth Years. 
Hammer's Line.
The sultry, overcast midday on Vesuvius was lit up by a multitude of eruptions.
The air was unbreathable, poisoned by the volcanic emissions, and the sky, like a gray sheet, hung low and reflected the crimson of the fiery chaos below.
The world laid out below the oppressive sky appeared unfit for human life but the war had changed many of the suitability criteria.
Vesuvius was not just colonized but densely populated with the industrial bases of the Terran Alliance located here, which repaired the technology damaged in the fighting. Through an anomaly in space, damaged spaceships were towed from sites of battle into orbit around the planet, and were then brought down to the surface using special technical carriers. There were also plenty of transports carrying broken servomachines, with some to be repaired and some intended for disassembly into spare parts.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Kräutersammler der Finsternis: Der Videospieltester (LitRPG)

Kräutersammler der Finsternis - 1

Der Videospieltester

Ein Roman von Michael Atamanov

Release - September 12, 2018

Der Videospieltester

„HABEN SIE schon einmal Reich ohne Grenzen gespielt?“, eröffnete der HR-Mitarbeiter mittleren Alters das Vorstellungsgespräch mit ausgerechnet der Frage, die ich am meisten gefürchtet hatte.
Laut Stellenanzeige musste ich unbedingt eine Anforderung erfüllen: Ich durfte das Spiel noch nie gespielt haben. Wenn ich die Frage mit „ja“ beantwortete, würde das Gespräch vermutlich so schnell beendet sein wie es begonnen hatte.
„Spielen Sie irgendwelche anderen bekannten Spiele, äh … Timothy?“, fragte er, nachdem er meinen Namen auf dem Bildschirm vor sich gelesen hatte. Er schien einen langen Tag hinter sich zu haben und war bestimmt müde.
„Ja, natürlich. Ich bin seit ungefähr sechs Jahren ein Gamer. Ich habe ziemlich lange Königreiche der Schwerter und Magie gespielt.“
„Gamer“, murmelte er geringschätzig und runzelte die Stirn. Der umgangssprachliche Ausdruck schien ihm nicht zu gefallen. „Und wie haben Sie sich im Spiel unserer Konkurrenz geschlagen? Haben Sie besondere Leistungen erbracht, Timothy?“

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Reality Benders - 3: Game Changer by Michael Atamanov

Reality Benders, Book 3
Game Changer
by Michael Atamanov

Release Septmebr 24, 2018
Pre-order at: Amazon, iTunes, Google, Kobo
Free chapters from book 1 & book 2

Introduction. Enemy Plans

Pa-lin-thu, capital of the First Directory
Palace of Coruler Thumor-Anhu La-Fin
Small Council Chamber

"Consequently, honorable Coruler Thumor-Anhu La-Fin, our strategists have also deemed that plan a flop. Our troops would get bogged down in the enemy defenses and be unable to achieve their objectives in anything resembling a reasonable timeframe. We would completely lose the element of surprise. Then, our enemy would reinforce, and it would all be over."
With a wave of his hand, the young Mage-Diviner Mac-Peu Un-Roi dismissed the hovering helper drone that had been giving him cues for his speech. He then gave a bow of respect to his leader and rejoined the dozens of other advisors, allowing the Coruler to see the map and think things over at his leisure. The great mage Thumor-Anhu La-Fin, one of humanity’s three Corulers, was feeling peevish today and, with each subsequent report, his face went gloomier and gloomier. But this time, he had no criticism. Despite Advisor Mac-Peu Un-Roi’s young age, he was considered one of the most talented soothsayers of modern times. He was so renowned for his deep multilayered analysis of the lines of fate that his predictions were simply taken at face value.

Monday, July 16, 2018

What games did the future Russian LitRPG authors play

What games did the future Russian LitRPG authors play?

Actually, LitRPG is a brilliant idea: it’s books striking back at computer games. Don’t forget that games have evolved from books and from the art of storytelling in general, so they’ve always tried to outdo the printed word by telling an exciting story that was also engaging and interactive. And now the tables have turned again. Now it’s books trying to outmatch video games, to the point of imitating system messages and using gamers slang.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Level Up gif-trailer

Level Up: Restart
by Dan Sugralinov

At thirty years old, Phil is an unemployed gamer who struggles to make ends meet. His only source of income is freelance writing (when he feels inspired enough to add another article to his less-than-popular blog). His wife has just walked out on him, leaving him without money, purpose, or food in the fridge.

On the day his wife dumps him, Phil receives a mysterious piece of wetware. A game interface seems to have been implanted in his brain which allows him to see the world through the eyes of an RPG player.

Now that Phil discovers his real-life stats, he can see they're far below average. With 4 pt. Agility, 6 pt. Strength and 3 pt. Stamina, his most advanced life skill is predictably gaming.

Luckily, real-life stats can be leveled up just like virtual ones. But will it help Phil get his wife back? Can he stop being such a couch potato? Would the new game help him become fitter? Or more successful? Can his gaming skills finally come in handy in real life?

Last but not least, can he find out who could have uploaded the mysterious game to his brain? And how is he supposed to deal with this unknown but apparently omnipotent force?

We'll let you know when audio book is available!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An NPC's Path: Kingdom of the Dead

An NPC's Path, Book 2
Kingdom of the Dead

by Pavel Kornev

Release - October 8, 2018
Pre-order: Amazon, iTunes, Google, Kobo

Check out the first book - The Dead Rogue

Chapter One
The Doldrums

THE TOWER OF DARKNESS was impressive. Overpowering, even.
No amount of advertising could impart the  sheer splendor and magnitude of that pitch-black obelisk which towered over the bay. In reality, it looked much more-
In reality?
I cussed and shuddered.
In reality! Dammit! I already considered the game a reality! Having said that... that’s how it was. I couldn’t press the logout button. I had no hope of ever waking up in my virtual reality capsule . My character’s dead body had already become part of the local scenery. It had ensnared me like the Devil’s own net and would keep me so until the day I was reborn. Reborn in the game, that is. Or until I was dead in real life. There was no other way. Sad, but that’s how it was.
As soon as I realized it, I felt free from the Tower’s suppressive illusion. I didn’t even feel like looking at it anymore. I even wanted to go below to my cabin. Still, I forced myself to stay on deck. Dammit! I’d been striving to get to the capital for too long to now hide away in a dark corner and miss all the interesting bits.